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Meet the Team

Dominick J. Riolo, CFP®

LPL Financial Advisor

With nearly four decades of experience in the financial industry, Dominick Riolo enjoys getting to know his clients- their situations, plans, goals, and dreams- so he can create an individualized financial plan to work toward success. He finds great satisfaction in helping his many clients send their kids to college, navigate retirement, and develop strategic tax planning.

Dominick developed a passion for investing as a young man. Now, as the President of Riolo Financial Group, he is excited about educating his clients on the stock market and investing with a goal of making profitable decisions concerning their portfolios. Being an educator, advisor, and friend to his clients is the most satisfying facet of Dominick’s position.

After graduating from Iona College, New Rochell, New York, Dominick began working for Business Publications Audit (BPA). After receiving friendly career advice and realizing he wanted to pursue his passion in finance, Dominick entered the financial industry in 1986. He founded Riolo Financial Group in 2014 and now enjoys working alongside his son, Frank, in their multigenerational firm.

Dominick resides in New City, New York, with his wife and the love of his life, Janet. She has been his greatest support and inspiration for 36 years. They have been blessed with three wonderful children and three delightful grandchildren.

In his free time, Dominick enjoys golfing, reading periodicals, and making weekly Costco runs with his wife. He feels the simple things in life are most rewarding and that we don’t need a lot to make us happy and content.

Frank A. Riolo, CFP®

LPL Financial Advisor

First and foremost, Frank Riolo is a people person. He loves making and growing relationships with his clients. Being a financial professional gives Frank a unique way of helping people. He is able to listen and communicate with them and then use numbers and figures to create a plan to help them pursue their financial goals and objectives. Because of this combination, Frank finds great satisfaction as a Certified Financial Planner. It's a perfect fit for him.

As the Vice President of Riolo Financial Group, Frank is committed to going the extra mile for his clients and helping them keep their eye on their financial goals, whether through investments, retirement planning, tax strategies, or savings. He has enjoyed following in his father, Dominick's, footsteps and working alongside him in their multigenerational firm.

Frank received his Bachelor's degree from Iona College. He worked in the Advertising industry before changing course to become a financial professional. He joined Riolo Financial Group in 2014.

Frank lives in Nanuet, New York, with his wife Alicia and their two children, Tessa and Reece. In his free time, Frank enjoys working out, going to the beach, cheering for the Yankees, Giants, and Rangers, and spending time with his family. He is always on the lookout for a new friend.

Lance McGinnis

Financial Advisor

To say Lance is a well-rounded individual would be an understatement. He has enjoyed several different careers prior to joining LPL and Riolo Financial Group. 

After graduating from Yale University in 1978 (where he played football, threw javelin, and did some theater), Lance worked in management consulting before moving to the financial industry as a stockbroker. Being a broker in the 80’s was exciting and rewarding, but for Lance, not fulfilling. It was all about transactions, not planning and meeting clients’ long-term goals. 

So, in 1986, Lance left the corporate world altogether to pursue a career in acting. He would spend the next decade in New York City and Los Angeles, honing his acting craft.  

Lance eventually realized it would be hard to raise a family with the unpredictable work of an actor. He returned to the corporate world in 1996, leading teams in creating “Learning & Performance” programs for corporate clients. 

All finally came full circle when Lance returned to the financial services industry, joining Smith Barney in 2006. He welcomed how the industry had changed over the past two decades, allowing advisors to use financial planning and personalized investment strategies to meet client goals. Following his time at Smith Barney, Lance moved to Oppenheimer, then Ameriprise before finally coming to LPL in 2023.   

Lance lives in Rockland County with his wife Bettina. After a long, diverse career, Lance would tell you his and Bettina’s greatest accomplishment has been raising three smart, successful, empathetic sons – Karl, Wilhelm, and Klaus. 

Lisa Sherman, CFP®

LPL Financial Advisor

Lisa Sherman, a Certified Financial Planner, has been working in the financial industry since 1984. She is dedicated to educating her clients in all aspects of financial planning so that they can make educated decisions concerning their finances. Her greatest joy is helping her clients define and pursue their financial goals.

After graduating from the University of Maryland with a degree in Business and Finance, Lisa worked in Accounting. Ten years later, she realized she missed working with people. She wanted a career in which she could work with numbers and people. Her father worked as a stockbroker, and Lisa decided to follow in his footsteps. Her new career was a perfect fit for her. Since then, She has found great satisfaction in getting to know her clients and developing individualized financial plans to help them pursue their goals and dreams.

Lisa lives in Nyack, New York, and loves visiting the many craft fairs, farmer’s markets, and restaurants her small town offers. She enjoys spending time with her sister, nephews, great- nieces, and her beloved Golden Retriever, Allie.

Marta Diaz-Alava

Administrative Assistant

Coming from a very close family herself, Marta thrives in the tight-knit atmosphere of Riolo Financial Group. As the first face most clients see when they walk through the door, she makes it her mission to make all visitors as comfortable as possible.

With over two decades in the industry, Marta has spent considerable time in insurance and recruiting. Her main goal at Riolo Financial Group is to prepare the firm advisors for client meetings and interactions. Marta does this by gathering all pertinent information, updating documents, and – of course – making sure clients are met with on a regular basis.

Originally from New York City, Marta moved to Rockland County in 2022 to be closer to her two daughters – Johanna and Veronica – and her three beautiful grandchildren – Ayden, Michaela, and Isabella.

Peggy Michel

Office Manager

Peggy’s motto is simple: treat others as you’d like to be treated. This approach is on full display when working with clients. Saving and investing can be a stressful topic for many people. Peggy is quick to assure clients that they’re in good hands.

As Riolo Financial Group’s Office Manager, Peggy wears many hats. She is largely responsible for opening new accounts, maintaining information for current accounts, handling client inquiries, and supporting the financial advisors of the practice however needed.

Peggy received her bachelor’s degree from Iona University. She started her career with A.G. Edwards & Sons, spending eight years as the Assistant to the VP of Institutional Sales before leaving to raise a family.

Peggy lives in West Nyack, New York with her husband Brian and her four children, Robert, Brian, Maggie, and Norah (and her dog Jeter, of course). In her spare time, Peggy enjoys photography, which she has carried a passion for since she was a child.

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