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Lance McGinnis

Lance McGinnis

Financial Advisor

To say Lance is a well-rounded individual would be an understatement. He has enjoyed several different careers prior to joining LPL and Riolo Financial Group. 

After graduating from Yale University in 1978 (where he played football, threw javelin, and did some theater), Lance worked in management consulting before moving to the financial industry as a stockbroker. Being a broker in the 80’s was exciting and rewarding, but for Lance, not fulfilling. It was all about transactions, not planning and meeting clients’ long-term goals. 

So, in 1986, Lance left the corporate world altogether to pursue a career in acting. He would spend the next decade in New York City and Los Angeles, honing his acting craft.  

Lance eventually realized it would be hard to raise a family with the unpredictable work of an actor. He returned to the corporate world in 1996, leading teams in creating “Learning & Performance” programs for corporate clients. 

All finally came full circle when Lance returned to the financial services industry, joining Smith Barney in 2006. He welcomed how the industry had changed over the past two decades, allowing advisors to use financial planning and personalized investment strategies to meet client goals. Following his time at Smith Barney, Lance moved to Oppenheimer, then Ameriprise before finally coming to LPL in 2023.   

Lance lives in Rockland County with his wife Bettina. After a long, diverse career, Lance would tell you his and Bettina’s greatest accomplishment has been raising three smart, successful, empathetic sons – Karl, Wilhelm, and Klaus.