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About Us

Dominick Riolo began his career in the financial services industry in 1986, the year that would mark the beginning of the slow-moving financial disaster that would later be known as the S&L Crisis amid a volatile interest-rate climate.

During this time, he learned valuable skills. He gained the experience needed to weather the financial ups and downs and guide his clients as they created goals and made decisions to meet those goals during changing economic circumstances. Along the way, Dominick taught his children the value of being a stable and consistent mooring for others and the importance of working hard and providing excellent service to each and every client.

For many years, the Riolo family has been privileged to create and be part of many deep-rooted relationships in their local community. These relationships were the driving force for Dominick to create Riolo Financial Group, an independent firm, in 2014.

As the firm expanded to include additional advisors and assistants, Frank Riolo joined the firm intending to carry on the same values established by Dominick years earlier. The team at Riolo Financial Group is committed to carrying on the excellent service established by Dominick because they know that whether a matter is big or small, it matters to the client, and it will be treated as such.

Each day the team is inspired by their clients and the confidence that those clients find as they see their financial goals take shape, encouraged by their ability to find their ‘why’ and make the necessary choices to keep them on track to pursue those goals.

With the continuing values of commitment, longevity, being approachable, and the ability to educate our clients no matter the current economic situation, Riolo Financial Group is poised to continue to offer our clients the stability of authentic relationships they’ve come to count on for almost 40 years.